Easiest Degree For Military

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Are you a military member looking for the easiest degree for military members to obtain? With so many degree options available, it can be hard to decide which one is the right choice. We have compiled a list of the 10 easiest degrees for military members to obtain, so you can make an informed decision on what educational path to take. From accounting to psychology, this list has a wide range of degrees that are accessible to military personnel. Keep reading to find out what the 10 easiest degrees for military members are and how they can benefit your career.

1) English

easiest degree for military

English is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain. Whether you’re just beginning your college career or you have prior credits, an English degree can be attained with relative ease. Depending on the school and program you choose, a degree in English can include classes in literature, composition, linguistics, and more. An English degree can provide many opportunities in the civilian world as well as the military. From writing and teaching to editing and consulting, having an English degree offers a wide range of job possibilities. Whether you want to go into journalism, technical writing, or public relations, an English degree can help you get there.

2) History


History is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain. The degree focuses on the past, including the political, economic, social, religious, and intellectual aspects of society. It can also include archaeology, anthropology, and art history. This degree covers the study of documents, artifacts, monuments, buildings, and other cultural elements that help explain how our world has changed over time. It is perfect for those with an interest in the past, as it provides a comprehensive overview of how cultures have evolved. Many military members find this degree to be useful in understanding global culture and the contexts of current events.

3) Psychology

Psychology is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain, as it requires minimal academic background in the sciences. While there are more rigorous psychology programs, most require only an understanding of basic psychological concepts, such as development, mental health, and cognitive processes. Psychology also offers a wide range of career options, from counseling and therapy to educational, clinical, and social services. With an understanding of human behavior, military members can find ways to help soldiers adjust to their new lives post-service, or use the knowledge to develop mental health programs for active-duty personnel. Additionally, psychologists can work with veterans to help them understand and cope with PTSD.

4) Sociology

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Sociology is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain, offering an array of options to those who have an interest in studying the way humans interact and behave within their social environment. This field of study has been growing in popularity among those looking to enter into various fields such as law enforcement, human services, and public relations. The coursework focuses on the structure and dynamics of human societies, as well as their various social institutions. It also provides an understanding of group behavior and the role of culture and language in society. Those with a sociology degree may pursue a wide range of careers, including counseling, research, advocacy, and management.

5) Anthropology

Anthropology is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain, due to its broad scope and variety of learning opportunities. Anthropology focuses on understanding the social and cultural aspects of human societies, and is ideal for those looking to learn more about how people interact and influence each other. For military members, anthropology can be especially beneficial as they strive to better understand the cultures they may encounter while serving. With an anthropology degree, military members can gain knowledge that will help them better engage with international personnel and communities. Furthermore, an anthropology degree could provide helpful insight into different strategies for conflict resolution and effective communication.

6) Political Science

Political science is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain, as it is primarily concerned with the study of governments, public policies, and political behavior. It provides a comprehensive overview of the roles that individuals, organizations, and systems play in shaping government and politics. Students will learn about global political systems, theories of international relations, national security, and political philosophies. They will also gain an understanding of the constitutional framework of the United States government and its relationship with other nations. Additionally, they may explore the foundations of the U.S. legal system, political campaigns and elections, social movements, public policymaking, and human rights issues. Political science can provide invaluable knowledge for military personnel as they plan and prepare for their careers.

7) Economics

Economics is a great choice for military members who want an easier degree. Not only is it one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain, but it also gives them a unique perspective on decision-making. Learning the basics of economics can help military members develop an understanding of financial concepts that can be applied to their own lives. There are plenty of online and traditional programs available, making it easy for military members to complete this degree while still serving their country. The skills learned in an economics program can be used in any job or career, giving military members the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

8) Geography

Geography is an interesting and versatile field of study, and it’s also one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain. Geography studies the physical and human features of the Earth and can be used to examine various aspects of our environment, such as climate, landforms, population distribution, and cultural dynamics.
The coursework for a geography degree often involves learning about geography-related concepts, including cartography, climatology, geomorphology, human geography, and spatial analysis. A student might also learn how to use geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze data and make decisions.
Geography courses can be tailored to fit the needs of different students. For military members, this could mean taking courses related to defense and security or even focusing on international relations. No matter what area of study a student chooses, the goal is to give them the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about global issues.
In addition to the knowledge gained from courses, students can also gain experience in the field by participating in internships and research projects. A geography degree is versatile and can open up many career opportunities for military members. It can also give them the tools they need to understand the complexities of our world.

9) Environmental Studies

Environmental study is a great choice for military members looking for an easier degree to obtain. It is one of the few majors that can be completed online, making it even more accessible. Environmental studies look at the science behind our environment and how human activity can cause both positive and negative changes in the natural world. The coursework includes studying topics such as sustainable energy, wildlife conservation, climate change, and air quality. With this degree, military members can have a better understanding of how their work impacts the environment and how to make positive changes. In addition, environmental studies graduates are well-equipped to pursue careers in environmental policy, conservation, and other related fields. Ultimately, environmental study is an ideal degree for military members who want to pursue a field that will help protect and improve our planet.

10) Philosophy

Philosophy is one of the easiest degrees for military members to obtain. Philosophy teaches critical thinking and argumentation skills that are essential in the military. It requires an understanding of various ethical and moral principles, which can be useful for making difficult decisions in the field. Furthermore, philosophy focuses on reasoning and logic, which can help military personnel make sound tactical decisions. The study of philosophy also requires extensive reading, writing, and research skills, all of which can be helpful in any military job. Additionally, philosophy courses often involve engaging in group discussions and debates, which is beneficial for teamwork and interpersonal communication. If you are a military member looking for an easy degree to pursue, consider the study of philosophy.

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